Patent Prosecution

After a patent application is filed, patent prosecution is the process of navigating the substantive review by patent examiners. Every patent application is examined by a patent examiner for formal and substantive requirements. The substantive requirements of patentability are: (1) whether the invention qualifies as patentable subject matter; (2) whether the invention is novel; (3) whether the invention is non-obvious (called “inventive step” in some other countries); (4) and whether the invention meets the written description requirement, which means that the claims are supported by the specification, and that the claims are sufficiently definite and enabled.

Patent examiners generally will make one or more substantive arguments that an invention is not patentable. Its our job to respond with arguments that the invention is patentable. We have years of experience preparing these kinds of arguments and successfully getting issued patents. We also frequently engage patent examiners by telephone which can often resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Look to me and my team to help you with this critical aspect of your intellectual property.